What We Translate…Almost every type of document

We specialize in translating all types of materials and documents, no matter how technical, industry specific, or lengthy. We have translated documents for the private sector, including law offices, clinics, construction companies, restaurants, and more. We were also chosen for some high-profile government and military projects, where accuracy and quality control were key deciding factors for choosing the proper vendor. Yes, they chose to work with Xact Lingo.

At times, we can offer in-person translators.  Please contact us if you need in-person translation services.

See below for the types of materials and documents we can translate for you.

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We work closely with marketing managers and ad agencies, translating marketing material of all sorts. Our services are ideal especially if you are trying to reach a foreign market, or if you cater to the tourist market. The goal is to make it easy for you to sell a product, provide a service, and to convey your message to your target market by speaking their language.

Some materials include:

Brochures, Flyers, News Paper Ads, Signs, Banners, Auto Graphix, Point-of Sales, Magazines, Phone Book Ads, Promotional Material, Displays, Calendars, Forms, Directional Signs, Handouts, Coupons, Certificates, and more.


The world works through the exchange of Documents, and we can translate all types. We can help if you need to present a work related document to a foreign language speaking or if you need to prepare documents for a foreign consumer base.

Some materials include:

Property documents, deeds, medical records, evaluations, assessments, immigration documents, legal documents, work documents, school documents, rental agreements, contracts, and more.


In business, accuracy matters the most, especially when it comes to documents. We can also help you sell your services more to a foreign speaking consumer base by translating signs, menus, catalogs, brochures, price charts, terms and conditions, policies, and more.


We can be of service by translating legal and government documents. Laws, contracts, agreements, procurement documents, political campaign materials, policies, signs, and more can be translated.

Due to the private nature of legal documents, we assure the highest level of confidentiality and will advise upfront if any conflict of interests exist.


When you have a website, you are most likely catering to a diverse group of ethnicities. Not all of them are English speaking. This is when we can help. We can translate your entire website (text content, menu, and links) or certain important portions of your website. We provide "human" translation, so it is more accurate. Since it is not done by an automated program, our staff member translating can capture the exact mood of your content. Other digital files we work with include: power-point documents, PDF files, Microsoft Word files, Excel Files, Flash Presentations, Slide shows, and more.


The process of manufacturing a product includes certain documents, and we can assist you by translating those documents, which include agreements, contracts, process-specifications, guidelines. We can also translate consumer-end materials such as warranty cards, manuals, instructions, assembly instructions, warning labels, packaging, disclaimers, washing instructions, nutrition facts, tags, labels, and more.


We can be of service for those who need it, on a personal level. We assure you the strictest privacy. We can translate legal documents, divorce papers, court papers, wedding papers, last wills and testaments, adoption papers, property documents, research papers, educational material, and more.